What is DigiSender XDS

DigiSender XDS 4K provides all DigiSender Live services in a simple ‘switch on & go’ service. It creates real-time video linking services in Full HD with Stereo Audio and in some applications can extend to UHD 4K performance. Applications include broadcast linking services between studios and similar conferencing/linking applications between two offices located anywhere in the world


DigiSender XDS converts specific video guest windows to a HDMI source for remote displays 

OVERLAY management

We provide the facility to add overlay characters in real-time for bespoke applications

AUDIO management

We provide the technological backbone that powers creative educational learning

Crafted design – then functions come naturally!

DigiSender XDS offers HDMI over Internet solutions – technology ‘tried & trusted’ in security critical working environments

© BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Crimewatch – BBC1

Police & Social Workers

In these examples DigiSender Live is configured within our XDS 4K set top boxes to provide a real time peer-to-peer link allowing interviews within a totally secure environment where interviewer & interviewee are located anywhere in the world

DigiSender XDS 4K as the backbone 

David Hinton, AEI’s authorised distributor for bespoke applications demonstrates how DigiSender XDS technology together with Evoke Educations’ software targets specific industry spheres!

DigiSender XDS In Action

Rachel Taylor of the University of South Wales explains how simulated overlays have a proven use from a phycological perspective

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