Choose your Webcam and Microphone source – Share your screen if asked


Don’t use speakers at high volume and use headphones where possible


Exercise precaution when sharing your screen within your invited class

Create a fully intuitive and advanced e-learning platform with HD webcams and Stereo Audio. Students video streams can be located anywhere in the world because as the tutor you control who you allow into your class room.

Webcam & other sources such as Screenshare can be added by invited guests to create an amazing real-time collaborative e-learning ceneter with clever technical features to automatically combat feedback and poor internet connectivity.

Launch any service by accessing your ‘My Services’ panel – Simply invite your students or guests to your meeting by providing them with your class room name together with any PIN that you have chosen to set

As the class room service creator you control who is allowed to enter your class and some clever technical features ensure everything will run smoothly.

Technical Features

Audio This service features software-based acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), noise reduction, noise suppression, and hardware access and control across multiple platforms. Note: Enabling PC Audio Stereo Mix or position microphones close to speakers can still cause feedback

Video Real-Time Video Protocols used within Easylife include components to conceal packet loss and clean up noisy images, as well as capture and playback capabilities across multiple platforms

Network Dynamic jitter buffers and error concealment techniques are included for audio and video, which help mitigate the effects of packet loss via unreliable networks

System Real-time performance means latency can be measured as low as 60ms on link-to-link broadcasting

Upgrade When you upgrade all watermark overlays are removed and you can control all volume levels from the broadcaster in real-time. All services on the easylife platform are updated regulary and new services appear automatically