Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

Never has one  platform been so dedicated to the art of teaching


Jump on-board with DigiSender Live and Learn on-the-go with Interactive tuition

request to Join Classroom

Request to join on the fly or simply use our Lesson Agenda platform and keep all your future lessons neatly prepared in your personal calendar

get accepted or agree to pay

Get paid for your lessons by creating a payment gateway. Just connect directly to your existing provider and payments go directly to you

Interact in real time

With interactive collabortaion tools the Tutor gets the ability to control who attends a lesson both prior to it and whilst the lesson is underway

A few things we’re great at

Embracing the art of collaboration using modern day technology provides us with an endless stream of ideas – From education to our health & wellbeing!


Never has the time been so perfect to start distance education using our real time video technology. To interact and learn even more!


DigiSender is fun, it allows us to interact with friends and family or with groups sharing common interests


The ability to share in mentoring, fitness and wellbeing courses of any size is now a reality with DigiSender Live

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