DigiSender Live has been created from development work that started in 2014 with Easylife. com where you can create your own webcam based live stream. The service is free to use, but also includes a number of subscription options that unlock premium features such as billing controls, support for multiple cameras, personalised room settings and more.

The service is based around peer-to-peer video technology that connects viewers directly to cameras, rather than push the video feeds through a server. Server support would only kick in when the number of viewers connecting to your stream starts to impact on your bandwidth. Easylife makes use of HTML5 so everything can be done from within the browser, no need to download or install any programs, you simply go to easylife.com and get stuck in. Support for all the major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, will be rolled out in the coming months, so no matter what device or operating system you use, Easylife will be there for you.

“Easylife could be used for all sortsof live streamed events” For customers taking up the subscription service, billing controls offer a great way of generating revenue. Shawn Downey, the company’s Managing Director, explains “Easylife could be used for all sorts of live streamed events. Say, for example, a Maths tutor wanted to set up a personal live stream with some students. Using the billing controls, he could set a charge for the students to access the stream. The tutor can also stream from multiple webcams, set a free preview period, broadcast his computer screen, and send files all from within the Easylife service.”The latest updates to the service have now made it possible to use a variety of different audio and video devices. Everything from high definition USB webcams and IP cameras, to wireless microphones and more can be used.


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