Its easy to get started

Because there are no special downloads or plugins, its easy to use DigiSender Live. Use from just about anywhere you have a computer with the latest browser and broadband – as the tutor it supports 3 simultaneous broadcast streams.

Share your webcam

Any connected cameras to your laptop can be added to your class room. This includes built in web cams as well as USB web cams

Share your mobile camera

Download the DigiSender Live app from your app  store and you can add your mobile device camera and microphone to your class room

Share your screen

Collaborate using third party applications, and share your screen to better express your expertise and ideas 

Enjoy the best quality and functions combined together.

As the tutor we put you fully in control

Choose who you allow to enter your class room, mute their sound or remove them from the class room

Share your best design and functions & achieve more..

Sharing desktop on multiple machines as well as cameras in a compelling CAD discussion with colleagues – in a true collaborative real-time environment

Here’s what you need to know!

As a tutor, there’s a series of pre-requisites that you should know to help get the best from your DigiSender Live class room!

Laptop use

Tutors looking to add multiple video sources to their class room should use a laptop. This allows 2 cameras to be used which can be either built in or external via USB. Ensure all camera and mic hardware is connected before the browser is started

mobile use

Using our apps on mobile devices allows tutors to add the front or back camera to their class room. This is ideal for fitness and well being classes if the tutor does not wish to see all the students

Avoiding Feedback

We give you extensive feedback analysis suppression as well as intelligent keyboard noise recognition and suppression but nothing stops feedback when speakers are too load or use of Stereo Mix is enabled as a microphone source

unilimited use

DigiSender Live provides tutors with an ability to create an unlimited number of class rooms as well as an unlimited number of Students. But you can expect limits in place due to infrastructure limitations which may also govern quality

It couldn’t be simpler!

As the tutor adding multiple camera sources to your class allows you to see everything putting in full control!


Here, the student is using both her laptop and mobile device to join the class, allowing portability to share ideas and concepts with others whilst the class takes place


Here the tutor uses 3 devices to form part of the presentation to the class, the larger screen is sharing an application window using the screenshare function for all to see as well as the primary camera which is in the class room using the mobile app


Here the student uses both his mobile and laptop to join the class, the additional mobile allows the camera to be directed at a specific product concept or sharing ideas with a colleague

TUTOR control

Because the tutor creates the class room you control student interaction

As the class room creator you can determine which students enter your class with full conditional access controls. You also get to control muting and can eject students

Tailored or bundled pricing 

We understand the need to sample our services so we get you working straight away.

Easy monthly payment terms

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Instant set up

A total solution that is created for you instantly

Enterprise solutions

Our campus solutions provide the complete solution for schools and collages

Security built in with every service

All services benefit from SHA256 point to point encryption and 2FA for tutors

Updates with subscription packages

We’ll keep you up to date with updates automatically 

App for Android & IOS
It’s not just for students!

As the tutor, when you login you’ll get to see all your created classes in the ‘My Services’ page – simply access a class and you can add the camera from your mobile device to the class room – Search DigiSender Live Guest in your App Store!


Never has the time been so perfect to start distance education using our real time video technology. To interact and learn even more!


DigiSender is fun, it allows us to interact with friends and family or with groups sharing common interests


The ability to share in mentoring, fitness and wellbeing courses of any size is now a reality with DigiSender Live

APP Name: Digisender live guest

Enjoy extended use and flexibility with our  mobile apps

Our supporting app allows students to access up to 3 tutor screens. For tutors it allows you to use the camera on your mobile device within your class room.

DigiSender Mobile App Download


As the tutor we put you firmly in control of your students. We give you all the controls you need and if you see something missing or have a suggestion then please fill out our feedback form – we greatly appreciate feedback!

Our pricing list

For campus accounts and open account services please contact us! All charges are billed once annually!

£ 00 .00

per month

  • Create one classroom
  • Auto deletes in 24hrs
  • 1hr broadcast time
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Upgrade anytime
£ 29 .99

per month

  • Create two classrooms
  • 2hr classroom duration
  • Automatic storage
  • Online support
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Upgrade anytime
£ 49 .99 £ 39 .99

per month

  • Create 5 classrooms
  • 3hr classroom duration
  • Automatic storage
  • Online & telephone support
  • Priority dropzone access
  • Upgrade anytime
£ 59 .99

per month

  • Create 5 classrooms
  • 4hr classroom duration
  • Automatic storage
  • Online & telephone support
  • Priority dropzone access
  • Pre-release access


You have questions. wE have answers.

As a tutor you will no doubt have many question and here we will endeavour to answer them all. You can access our live chat should you question no be covered.

What types of cameras are supported

When you first visit DigiSender Live your browser provides conditional access to any microphone and camera that is connected to your computer.

You can choose what camera and microphone you wish to add to your class.

How can I add more cameras and microphones

Always ensure new camera and microphones are connected to your machine before you start your browser

Are there are limitations on stream quality

Digisender uses dynamic technology to ensure smooth motion video and hi-fi quality audio. In cases of restricted bandwidth both quality and frame rate may reduce automatically

Are there limits to the number of students that can be invited

The maximum number of Students permitted to an individual class room is determined by your computers performance abilities and the broadband internet speed. A screen size of 1920 x 1080 comfortably supports 16 students but becomes awkward to access controls above 30. Generally beyond 20 we recommend a higher pixel screen specification.

What is the maximum number of cameras I can add to a class room

As the class room creator you can generally add up to 3 video sources. These can be generated from USB cameras or any other means of hardware recognised by your browser

As the tutor can I add my mobile phone camera to a class room as well as my desktop webcam

Yes, simply download the app to your mobile device and ensure you use the same login details as your desktop. Simply select the camera on your mobile device you wish to share and then request to join the room

What determines the screen share function

Screenshare is supported in virtually all up to date browsers and allows you to share a complete screen or just an application window. Application windows can continue to be shared even though you have them running in the background which is a superb feature for tutors as it allows you to prepare applications for the lesson in advance

What operating systems are supported

DigiSender Live only works on operating systems supporting the latest browser technology such as Windows 10, Ubuntu 20.04, iPADOS 14.03, MacOS 11.1, Android 8.0 upwards

What browser types are supported

DigiSender Live only works in updated browsers, this includes Edge Ver 87+, Chrome  Ver 87+, Firefox  Ver 84+, Safari  Ver 13.1+ & Opera  Ver 87+