Share your camera

Ensure your camera is already connected to your computer if your tutor allows  to join a class with video & audio

share screen

View your tutors screen as well as the tutors camera. Your tutor can also share video guides for a truly immersive experience

use your xbox or ps4

Use your mobile, laptop, desktop and even your games console to access without the need to download any plug-ins


Enjoy the best design and functions combined together

Tutors permit students to enter a class room. Students normally receive invitations to join a meeting well in advance by email. The tutor as well as other students see your camera but ultimately the tutor controls when you are permitted to speak, how many sources you can add, if you are placed into a side-classroom and various other features including recording functions


Enjoy extended use and flexibility with our  mobile apps

Our supporting app allows students to view up to 3 tutor screens

A few things you need to know!

As a DigiSender Live student you’re sharing camera and audio with your entire class room in a virtual environment!

Using Your Laptop

Make sure you have already connected your webcam and microphone before you have started your computer. We support all up-to-date operating systems and browsers

Using the DigiSender Live Guest App

Search your app store for ‘DigiSender Live Guest’ – The app is available free of charge. Tutors: Use the same sign-in details as any desktop device – you can join a class using your desktop, laptop & app at the same time

DigiSender Live operating on Xbox

Using your games console

Use your xbox games console simply by opening the built-in edge browser and navigating to – For PS4 users try your built in web browser or download chrome for playstation

A few things we’re great at

Embracing the art of collaboration using modern day technology provides us with an endless stream of ideas – From education to our health & wellbeing!


Never has the time been so perfect to start distance education using our real time video technology. To interact and learn even more!


DigiSender is fun, it allows us to interact with friends and family or with groups sharing common interests


The ability to share in mentoring, fitness and wellbeing courses of any size is now a reality with DigiSender Live

Start your interactive distance learning here!

Enter the meeting name you have been asked to join. Click ‘Join a Class’ and wait for the Tutor to accept your request

Our FREE Pricing for Students

We give you all the tools to access DigiSender Live for Free!!

Managing your account
£ 00 .00

per month

attending classrooms
£ 00 .00

per month

  • Tutor operated classrooms
  • Invitation requests
  • Access coursework
supporting apps for students
£ 00 .00

per month

  • Available for Apple & Android devices
  • Ongoing feature improvements
  • Regular updates


You have questions. wE have answers.

As a student you will no doubt have many question and here we will endeavour to answer them all.

What types of cameras are supported

When you first visit DigiSender Live your browser provides conditional access to any microphone and camera that is connected to your computer.

You can choose what camera and microphone you wish to add to your class.

How can I add more cameras and microphones

Always ensure new camera and microphones are connected to your machine before you start your browser

Are there are limitations on stream quality

Digisender uses dynamic technology to ensure smooth motion video and hi-fi quality audio. In cases of restricted bandwidth both quality and frame rate may reduce automatically

Are there limits to the number of students that can be invited

The maximum number of Students permitted to an individual class room is determined by your computers performance abilities and the broadband internet speed

What is the maximum number of cameras I can add to a class room

As the class room creator you can add up to 3 video sources. These can be generated from USB cameras or any other means of hardware recognised by your browser

As the tutor can I add my mobile phone camera to a class room as well as my desktop webcam

Yes, simply download the app to your mobile device and ensure you use the same login details as your desktop. Simply select the camera on your mobile device you wish to share and then request to join the room

What determines the screen share function

Screen share is a function of your browser. It is supported in virtually all up to date browsers and allows you to share a complete screen or just an application window

What operating systems are supported

DigiSender Live only works on operating systems supporting the latest browser technology such as Windows 10, Ubuntu 20.04, iPADOS 14.03, MacOS 11.1, Android 8.0 upwards

What browser types are supported

DigiSender Live only works in updated browsers, this includes Edge Ver 87+, Chrome  Ver 87+, Firefox  Ver 84+, Safari  Ver 13.1+ & Opera  Ver 87+

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